Best Place for Handcrafted Pizza Bases Online

Are you in the hunt for the best place to get handcrafted pizza bases online? Look no further from Letizza Bakery. Their each and every pizza base is handcrafted using a genuine Italian recipe and therefore, you will get the look and feel and taste of a conventional handmade pizza without leaving the comfort of your home. The unique flavor and texture of their pizza bases come from their conventional Italian recipe and carefully chosen blend of enriched flour, parmesan, olive oil and of course, mozzarella cheese. The best thing is that their pizza bases are low in fat and that’s why they are a healthy option for any meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert.

Discover Specialty of Pizza Bases for Letizza Bakery

Letizza Bakery creates a very excellent frozen pizza base in a wide range of sizes in order to fulfill the requirements of each and every customer. You can expect –

  • High-quality – quality is never compromised when it comes to Letizza Bakery.
  • Handcrafted – the strive to give you feel and taste of awesome handmade pizza
  • Easy to make – you can prepare without any hassle.

Pizza Bases Online

Besides that, Letizza Bakery food service is convenient, cost-effective and available all over Australia. So, give a try to them if you have never done before. Their food service range compromises of –

  • Gluten-free pizza bases
  • Dough balls
  • Piadina i.e thin folded Italian Flatbreads
  • Pre-baked Gourmet pizza bases – a wide range of flavors available

The main purpose of Letizza Bakery is to make things easy for you as a chef. You will be pleased to know that the pizza bases come with a one-year shelf life from the make or production date. They will be an easy addition to your already existing menu. Moreover, the pizza bases from Letizza Bakery don’t need any proofing. In other words, you can start cooking the right way you unpack. That’s convenient and easy to prepare they’re talking about.

Also, if you are curious to learn more about their pizza bases, then they can provide the Australian chefs in the industry. But, you need to contact them first to get the assistance. Moreover, they can arrange from one of their national sales teams to come to your place to discuss what you need and show you what the range of products they have for you.

One thing is for sure that they have a wide range of pizza bases online to assist carter your event in no time. No matter whether you’re restaurant, food truck, or event catering company, they have something for everyone