What type of store is a Mexican store ?

If you’re a resident of Barcelona and a fan of Mexican cuisine (or culture), you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pachuco and Pachuca, two eateries with a lot of style, sizable portions, and affordable prices that consistently make lists of the finest places to eat consume in a city Those who have been there before will know that it is a true experience—a roundtrip to the most tacky and weird aspects of Mexican cuisine and culture. The success of Tienda mexicana can be attributed to two Mexican friends who, a little more than ten years ago, made the decision to launch a business based on an undeniable truth: in Mexico, everyone has the right to a healthy diet, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The Pachuco was established in a little space in the Raval, serving a menu consisting of delicacies from Mexican markets, tacos that are frequently offered at weddings and village baptisms, as well as homemade mezcal and tequila. at kid-friendly gatherings (with pickets for grownups !) A second location, Pachuca, opens a few years later, right before the pandemic, bringing with it an expanded version of the Mexican kitsch experience. The capacity grows, new dishes are added to the menu (like the delectable marinated tuna toast), and the establishment’s distinctive concept and décor are solidified.

Tienda mexicana

Insights of a Mexican store, La Pachuquea :

La Pachuquea, a Mexican store with an authentic and distinctive selection of food, drinks, objects, decorations, clothing, substances, and gadgets, is born during the pandemic and is based on the fascinating fusion of ancestral traditions, contemporary Mexico, and globalisation. It reproduces the incredible cultural wealth of the country. In our shop, you can buy ingredients to make typical Mexican dishes like dried chilies, moles, hot sauces, tortillas, and even sweets. You can also buy beers like the well-known Coronita, Modelo Especial, or Negra Modelo, clamatos, mezcal, and tequilas, as well as iconic Pachuco and Pachuca ingredients like the Special Sauce to make Micheladas in the original flavour, tamarind, chipotle. Regarding the remaining products, you’ll find a good selection of them in our Mexican shop, including mystical remedies (soaps and essential oils to treat illnesses in the post-pandemic world) and merchandise, such as Santa Muerte t-shirts from Pachuco, La Virgen y Malverde (the Generous Bandit), and official concert posters from Metallica, Café Tacvba, Foo Fighters, Interpol, and Los Fabulosos.