Why Most People Love the Korean Fried Chicken Oaffered By Gami Chicken

Korean-style fried chicken has become the favorite of the biggest population in Australia. Some 17 years ago, less than 20% of Australia’s populace used to know about Korean-style prepared chicken. But now, Australians have started liking the taste of the Korean cuisines and chicken recipes.  Gami Chicken & Beer is one of the oldest restaurants that introduced Korean cuisines and recipes to Australia.  Every time they want to try the best-tasting Korean chicken cuisines around Australia, most people drive to any of the nearest Gami Chicken & Beer restaurants for an awesome eat out experience.

Professionally Cooked

The Korean-style professional chefs at Gami Chicken & Beer always rinse and dry the chicken pieces before they fry them. That’s quite a unique way of frying chicken which you won’t find in other restaurants. The already dried and rinsed chicken meat pieces will be then dried in a batter. Preparing chicken this way makes it taste less salty and more delicious. You will surely love the taste of our dried chicken meat pieces.


The Best Oils Used

We don’t use ordinary oils when drying and frying our chicken meat pieces. We use the best oils that have the best flavors and colors throughout the different chicken frying phases. We apply the oil such that it won’t cause extreme smell in and out of the restaurant. You will not only enjoy eating the fried chicken meat but also have the best partying atmosphere ever.

Smaller and Eatable Sizes

The Korean-style sautéed chicken is sliced into bite-size and most eatable pieces. The kind of chicken fried is usually not fatty. They are thinner and more natural in look as we don’t use the commercial breed broilers.  Eat in one of our joints today and live to remember the experience.  Eating the sautéed chicken sold in any of the Gami Chicken & Beer won’t shot your hormones to worrying levels.  The chicken sold here is all natural, flavorful, and juicy so you are sure to enjoy the experience.

Lower Fat Levels

The Korean-style fried chicken is friend using the Asian frying technique that removes all the fat in the skin by converting it into crackly, thin and somehow transparent crust. The best thing about the Korean-style chicken is that it not seasoned. It’s only scoured into find flour after which it is dipped inside a thin batter before being placed in a fryer. The oil temperature is always maintained at 350 degrees. The chicken is usually fried in two different stages.

The RSPCA is the body responsible for making sure that all foods offered for human consumption are healthy and of good quality. The best thing about the Korean-style chicken and drinks prepared and sold by Gami Chicken is that they are RSPCA-approved. If you want to enjoy a wonderful eat out experience one of these days, it will be best you check in with one of the restaurants found all over Australia. If you would rather order the drinks and foods online, you should head to https://gamichicken.com.au to play an order right away.