2018s Best Beach Destinations To Spend Your Summer In Europe!

  Summer is the best time to spend with family and friends and everyone knows that Europe has the best beach destinations on the planet. As a traveler, visiting Europe during the hot summer months should include beach hopping on your itinerary because you have a wide selection to choose from! You just have to know where you need to go and experience the best summer of your life. Remember to pack your sunscreen, your beachwear, and your sunglasses before you head on to the most beautiful beach paradise in Europe.

The TOP 10 Beach Destinations In Europe

If you are looking forward to a perfect beach holiday in Europe, you need to know the best beaches among the most beautiful ones that you can find here. 2018 is the best year to travel for some people, and Europe is one of the tops of their list of choices. So before you decide for your itinerary on your next holiday escapade, here are the most visited beaches in Europe that you should also take the time to experience:

  1. Atrani (Italy)

If you decide to visit the south-west part of Italy, take the chance to pass by Atrani, one of the most beautiful cities in Campania region. This may be a tiny village, but it is considered the most beautiful village in the country. Take the time to can swim in the clear, blue waters at the Atrani beach and in the evenings, witness as the fishermen go fishing using their small boats.

  1. Cameo Island (Zakynthos, Greece)

Greece is very known for its beautiful beach destinations and one of the most visited small islands here is the Cameo Island in Zakynthos. This is a private island that can be reached by a wooden bridge that is connected to the port of Agios Sostis. This beach is very unique which has a small bar, some umbrellas, and deck chairs, perfect to enjoy a relaxing moment while listening to the sound of the waves. 

  1. Canal d’Amour (Sidari, Greece)

If you are looking for a small town where you can find the most beautiful secret beaches, come and visit Sidari. Canal d’Amour or Love Canal is a hidden beach that you should never forget in your itinerary. Sidari offers the best prices to its visitors when it comes to accommodation. They have the best food and the relaxing ambiance that you need for your holiday in Greece.

  1. Carvoeiro (Algarve, Portugal)

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit when you want to see the sights in Europe. Get your camera ready and be captivated by this place. This little town has the charm and the most recommended place to visit here is the “Castelo Guest House”  which has the best views of the beach. After this, you can spend some time at the ‘Suites Alba Resort & Spa” and have a relaxing time while you get pampered like a star.

  1. Elafonisi Pink Sand Beach (Crete, Greece)

Have you ever been to a beach where the sand is pink? If not then enjoy a holiday near the Elafonissi beach and enjoy the warm waters and its pink sands, making it one of the most unique summer destinations in the world. The pink color of the sand is due to the red microorganisms that develop in the corals. These are very rare and only a small number of beaches in the world have this beautiful pink sand like the Elafonisi Island.

  1. Marathonisi Island (Zakynthos Island, Greece)

Marathonisi Island is also called the “Turtle Island” and is one of the must-see islands in Zakynthos. This island is floating in the middle of the Laganas Bay which resembles a turtle in the middle of the ocean. Turtle Island is a small paradise on earth, with its unique and exclusive beaches that are sheltered from the crowds. You can book different activities like turtle watching, then take a 6-minute walk from the beach to the “San Giorgios Maisonettes” and enjoy this relaxing place.

  1. Moscenicka Draga Beach (Croatia)

To complete your European beach tour, visit this small town in Croatia. Moscenicka Draga may be a small beach, but this is perfect for intimate getaways. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing dip under the sun of Croatia. There are B&Bs, villas, and hotels where you can book while you enjoy your holiday in Croatia.

  1. Praia dos Galapinhos (Setúbal, Portugal)

Portugal is one of the most traveled destinations of the world. Lisbon and Porton are just two of the most beautiful cities that you can visit. According to the frequent travelers from other parts of the world, the Nature Park of Setubal is the tourists favorite. You can admire the beauty of the beaches while you stay at the luxurious hotels of Portugal.

  1. Porto Timoni Beach (Corfu, Greece)

If you happen to have Corfu in your list of places to visit, do not forget to stop by Porto Timoni. This is located near the Agios Georgios and this is considered as one of the most beautiful spots on the island. The place has the best restaurants and places to stay that will just be right within your budget. If you just want to enjoy the view, book at one of the best hotels in Corfu and enjoy the sunset at the beach.

  1. Santa Giulia Beach (Corsica)

Visit this stunning beach just a few kilometers from Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. Corsica is truly a paradise on earth. This is why it is described as “beautiful and wild” by the tourists who have been here before. If you want to take snap after snap of the most amazing seaside view, never forget to visit the Santa Giulia Beach.

It may take a couple of trips to visit all of the best beaches in Europe. But hey, when your time and budget would allow, do not hesitate to visit some of these places. It is time to take a break from your busy city life and just enjoy the sun, the sand and the beach. Not to mention the additional tourist attractions that you can visit along the way. Your experience from these paradise beaches is all going to be worth it.