10 Amazing Underwater Caves to Explore in 2021

Underwater life and world has been attractive for humans. Would you like witnessing surprising caves in the water? These are present worldwide with varying shapes, depths and formations. These are home to cold water, coral reefs and other sea animals. Coupon.ae has its doors open with Etihad Airways voucher code for snorkelers and divers who love exploring the world’s most amazing underwater caves or Cenotes. Here are names of amazing Cenotes you must keep in the bucket list.

Orda Cave, Russia:

This is longest Gypsum cave with a measurement of 16,000 ft. It also holds the title of “Largest Gypsum” in the water. It offers cathedral like galleries, crystalline overhangs and pristine waters. However, it is only suitable for experienced divers to visit this underwater cave.

Gran Cenote Cave, Mexico:

Yucantan Peninsula became popular in 2018 when it offered longest underwater cave system to world. This cave system is a result of merger of two flood caves (215 miles long stretch).

Casa Cenote, Mexico:

This cave is famous as it offers a series of several caves underwater in Tulum. The allows divers and snorkelers see the amazing underwater beauty due to crystal clear water.

Kuredu Caves, Maldives:

This is a paradise for everyone. This place is a heaven for recreation. There are more than 60 caves in this place. All these caves are home to numerous species especially the rare species such as Balloon Fish, Angel Fish, Manta Rays, Green Turtles and more. Book Maldives travel plans with etihad airways voucher code to spend glory days and nights in this natural paradise.

Cathedral Cove Sea Cave:

This cave is present in Coromandel, New Zealand. It attracts tourists with golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Book a boat tour and select Kayaking if you are a diehard fan of exploring underwater world.

Grotto Azzurra, Italy:

Professional divers and snorkelers call it Blue Grotto. This cave has a history of natural pool. It was property of Roman Emperor Tiberius. This whole place resembles a turquoise glow emerging from clear water.

Great Blue Hole, Belize:

This is world’s largest hole. It is natural and sinkable underwater cave present in Belize. This cave is 400 ft. deep and it has a frequent place for scuba divers. This cave challenges the professionals’ divers to come and touch the great depths.

Mimoso Cave, Brazil:

 It is home of mysterious cone-like formations in the water. Visit the Mato Grosso do Sul and book your flights with Etihad airways voucher code to see the world’s most mysterious underwater cave.

Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji:

Fiji is a beautiful island country receiving thousands of tourists in every season. It has tropical climate with heavy rainfall. Would you like discovering the Namena Cave? Visit the two islands Vanua Levu and Viti Levu to dive here. It is home of soldier fish, squirrelfish and more than 70 species of tropical reef fishes.

Lake Sassolo, Switzerland:

This is most fantastic ice cave. This underground ice cave is located at Italian border in the Apls proximity. Thanks to the seasoned photographers who explored this beautiful mystery underwater.