Exquisite Coonawarra Winery Worth Visiting

Isn’t having an exquisite bottle of wine a wonderful thing to have at the end of a long day? What is even better is taking a weekend vacation to a luxury winery in Coonawarra. One vineyard that is full of editing opportunities for enjoyment is the Zema Estate. The Zema Estate is one of the luxurious Coonawarra wineries in the area. They are in the business of producing premium wines. Zema Estate is founded in Australia but maintains perfect Italian methods of winemaking. They pay special attention to their winemaking process to grant their patrons only the best quality. Being a family-run winery, their taste in wine is impeccable. You will surely love the honest taste and wide variety they offer. If you truly want to experience the process, you can opt to visit them. Their cellar doors are open for wine tastings. Plus, you can bask in the beauty of the vineyard as you do. With magnificent views and tasteful wines, you are sure to enjoy yourselves.

The Selection

The Zema Estate prides itself on creating the most sophisticated wine selection. They make use of only the best quality fruit and ensure the process of winemaking is top-notch. Through their wine tasting experience, you can try their assortment of classical and new. The Zema Estate will surely give you the experience of a lifetime. Here are some selections you can try out and even purchase for yourself.

2020 Sauvignon Blanc

If you love having a fruity tone to your wine, then the Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for you. It mixes together fresh flavors that will leave you feeling renewed. With hints of lime, pear, and passionfruit you get a balanced crisp acidity. Such a drink is the perfect pairing for fresh foods. The 2020 Sauvignon Blanc is also perfect for that mid-day wine when you want to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

2020 Rosé

You can not go wrong when it comes to the classics. This 2020 Rose is as appealing to look at as it is to drink. You will be drawn in by the aromas of strawberry and cream. With a fine overall taste, this Rose is a perfect palate cleanser you can enjoy.

2016 Cluny Cabernet Merlot

Nothing quite compares to a perfectly balanced wine. The 2020 Cluny Cabernet Merlot is a ripe and juicy experience filled with the taste of raspberries and cherries. These flavors are complemented by vanillin oak which gives this wine layers of complexity.

Such a selection will bring your tastebuds to dance. You will notice all sorts of flavors and elegance wrapped glass. The Zema Estate is committed to creating only the best so you can be assured of quality. Their outstanding selection is handcrafted and perfectly picked for your pleasure. Surely, you will find the right bottle for yourself. Enjoy them on any occasion and experience a wonderful flavor journey.