Plan a Visit to an Elephant Sanctuary on Your Next Vacation to Bangkok

To many Thai people, elephants are friends. While they are large and their tusks are considered valuable, their lives are more valuable than what poachers receive in money for the tusks. That is why an animal sanctuary devoted to elephants is well thought of in Thailand.

Schedule a Trip to an Elephant Sanctuary

If you have never been to an ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand, you should schedule a trip. You will find out by bonding with the elephants that they are truly special creatures and also very humble. They are not threatening or dangerous but are big animals with hearts of gold. That is why it is abominable to see people taking advantage of the elephant’s easy-going nature. Poachers kill the animals for profit and don’t consider the elephant’s unique personality.

Teach Your Children to Be Kind to Animals

If you would like to teach your children the importance of bonding with animals and nature, you should plan a trip to an elephant sanctuary. Sanctuaries allow elephants to live in natural surroundings. They are not confined in spaces as in some zoos. Instead, they can roam about and mingle with friendly humans who truly care about the elephant’s welfare.

Elephant Sanctuary

Getting to Know Elephants up Close

It has been said that animals do not have souls. However, you will change your mind when you meet elephants up close. Some wildlife experts have claimed to see tears well up in elephants’ eyes when some of their family were slain. That is why the people in Thailand have set up enclaves where elephants can roam free, protected, and safeguarded from human greed and selfishness.

Ensure the Elephant’s Ongoing Care

We as people have dominion over the animals. However, this does not mean that we should take advantage of them and abuse them. It means that we should ensure their care now and for future generations. That is the idea of establishing an elephant sanctuary.

Booking a First Visit

When you schedule a time to mingle with the elephants, you can take a half-day or even arrange an overnight stay. If you want to introduce your family or friends to the elephants first, it probably would be a good idea to arrange for a half-day visit. That way, you can get acquainted with the elephants and plan a longer stay on another visit.

Don’t try to overwhelm yourself when you first book an appointment. Start with a short introduction before you plan a longer visit. That way, you can learn to truly appreciate these animals. Find out more about adding this activity on your next vacation to Bangkok. It is one activity that is unique to the area.

Make the World a Better Place

You have it in your power to make the world a better place. By planning activities that show that you are committed to preserving animal species, you are making strides in the right direction. You are also serving as a good role model for your children. What you do has more of an impact than what you say. That is why visiting an elephant sanctuary is a positive family activity.