A few fun facts about kangaroos

We’re hoping to shed some light on a few facts about kangaroos in the wild; these facts are lesser-known and fun.

Kangaroos are one of the largest Animals on Earth

Kangaroos tend to be the biggest marsupials that are alive in today’s times. Red Kangaroo can stand up to five feet tall and it can have a tail that is three feet long and it can weigh up to 180 pounds. Eastern grey ones can be all the more dollars with a few of them reaching almost 7 feet however they are much leaner and they were only approximately 120 pounds.

Kangaroos can be seen in a lot of sizes and shapes

Kangaroo belongs to the species of genus Macropus the name implies large foot there are other members like the wallaroos and wallabies that also belong to the similar species however they are much smaller but they are identical looking the distinction can be a little arbitrary nonetheless because the bigger species are called kangaroos the smaller ones are referred to as wallabies the ones that have an intermediate size are the Wallaroos.

kangaroos in the wild

The name Kangaroo is used for all of these however it’s usually used for the largest species especially the red Western Grey Eastern Grey and the antilopine ones it can sometimes be used for the tree kangaroos also they belong to genus however a different species they are a member of of the taxonomic family which is also referred to as macropods this family includes wallabies wallaroos kangaroos tree kangaroos quokkas and pademelons. Other than these members of the macropod species other tiny marsupials are referred to as rat kangaroos they have a resemblance to the larger animals of the species.

Many kangaroos tend to be left-handed

Handedness is the tendency of using one of the two hands more naturally earlier scientist thought that this is a feature which is unique to humans and other primates however recent research indicates that handedness it’s quite common with kangaroos

There was research conducted with red wallabies, red kangaroos, and Eastern grace and it was suggested that all animals are left-handed meaning they use their left hand for common tasks like eating and grooming most of the time. Kangaroos use the left hand more for precision tasks and the right hand basically for tasks that require strength.