Five things that make a bartender annoyed in a pub

Bars, pubs, sports bars, or your old saloon are the best places to chill and hang out with friends especially after a tiring day at work or to start the weekend with a kick, it is also the place where you can find the worst people.

While most nights are usually fun and entertaining as you couple it with your favorite booze and share laughter with friends and the bar’s crew, there are also a lot of people who display their own bad behavior, from being rude, obnoxious and sometimes being violent.

They always say that alcohol will bring out who the real person you are, well in this post, here are the most common things that you should never ask a bartender according to the best pub in harbourtown.


  1. Do not be a cheap tipper– A lot of us do not know what is the right amount when it comes to tipping a bartender or the pub’s waitress, however, that does not mean you have to be very cheap, in fact there is at least twenty percent and even higher if you get a special service from the crew. So, if you are racking up a lot of tabs or you plan to become a regular customer of that bar or pub, be sure you tip the waitress or the bartender generously.
  2. Do not wave your money to get the bartender’s attention– It is simply rude that is why, not to mention that this will not get the bartender’s attention to serving you first because they might be serving someone else for the meantime which is why you have to practice patience and politely ask the bartender to serve you a drink and give them a smile, who knows you might become the bartender’s friend at the end of the night.
  3. Do not hit on the bartender– If you have a crush on the bartender, well there are instances that the bartender is good looking, which means that the bartender already heard every cheesy and creepy line to flirt with them already, so you have to forget about trying to get cozy with the bartender because you might end up being a creep and the bartenders are usually too busy to entertain this kind conversation. Instead, you should strike a short conversation about interesting things when they are not too busy.
  4. Do not look for a cocktail drink in a beer pub– In a beer pub, they rarely serve other types of drinks especially cocktails that is why you should not be surprised if your margarita tastes like piss. Cocktail bars are where the cocktail drinks are, and beer in a beer pub. There are some exceptions, however, it is better not to request something that is obviously not there in the first place.
  5. Do not let the bartender which drink you want to order– There are tons of cocktail drinks to choose from, so it is completely normal to ask the bartender for any recommendations, however, the final decision is yours. In order not to be annoying, you should ask the bartender which ones are best for different types of drinks that are perfect for your mood and which ones are not. If you are looking for a great pub to hang out, check out Harbourtown Australia New Restaurant.