Iceland Reykjavik Northern Lights Tour To See Spectacular Aurora Borealis

Most of the people love adventure. They love to see beautiful scenes, love to visit different places, and many more. There are many tour companies providing tour packages to the enthusiasm traveller those who wanted to visit new places and search the beauty of nature. TheĀ iceland reykjavik northern lights tour is one of the best tour to go on.

This tour provides a great life experience to witness the world’s spectacular natural view. Iceland has the best secrets to explore during the night time. It offers unspoiled beauty and wilderness. It showcases the best northern light with beautiful natural lights. It is one of the non-forgettable experience to see. This tour starts from the Singapore. From Singapore, people are departed to the capital of country Iceland that is Reykjavik. In the capital state of Iceland, one can witness the beautiful natural northern lights. Sometimes people have to wait for the next day to see the beautiful lights due to the bad weather condition. TheĀ iceland reykjavik northern lights tour provides many other places to visit apart from seeing the northern lights. You also get the chance to experience beautiful dome glass building supported by the massive six water tanks known as the Perlan. Along with this, you also get the chance to see the Hofoi House along with the Hallgrimskirkja Church. After getting tired, you can visit the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa to get proper rest and refreshment.

iceland reykjavik northern lights tour

What are these Northern Lights and how are they formed?

These northern lights are the interaction of the upper atmosphere of earth to the sun charged particles. This beautiful phenomenon only takes part in the magnetic pole of the earth. These are known as aurora borealis in the northern hemispheres created by the interaction of the sun electrically charged particles with the presence of a gaseous particle in the earth’s atmosphere. These are also known as dancing lights. These bright colors can be of many types, but mainly, it is of pink and green lights that are produced by the oxygen molecules. These variations of colors are mainly due to the collision of types of gas-particle that result in blue, shades of green and red, yellow.

Facts about the northern light

  • These lights are present from ancient times.
  • These lights can be seen at a height of 80 km to 1000 km.
  • These lights are more frequent and beautiful during the high sunspot of solar.
  • It has also been said that some people have listened to noise from these spectacular natural lights.


This tour provides you with a lifetime experience that can’t be seen anywhere except at the northern and southern hemispheres near the magnetic pole of the earth. This tour will let you explore through the beautiful scenes of nature.