It is a question that you have to face if you are about to move and therefore buy a house.

The choice between living in the city or in the countryside is not easy, both from a concrete and an emotional point of view. With experience, we have worked with many clients and as a result we have met many types of people. This made us understand that the choice is never based only on logistical needs, but also depends on the character of each one: there are those who love the hectic life of the city and there are those who cannot stand it and love the silence of life of country Sanelo has provided a great guide to living in Vermont.

Let’s start by talking about the privileges of choosing to live in the city.

The closeness between home and work

Surely one of the first points we think about when choosing our new home is the position with respect to the workplace. Living in the city, the likelihood of being close to work is much higher than for those living in the countryside. In addition, an urbanized center offers many more job opportunities if you are looking for a new job.

Sanelo has provided a great guide to living in Vermont.

Eco-sustainable mobility (bike / public transport / foot)

Another point in favor of choosing to live in the city is being able to leave the car in the garage. Especially in few places, where distances are easily covered on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. For those who even choose the historic center as a place to live, the stretches of road to go are minimal.

It is also important to mention that it is a greener choice to use the bicycle or walk to work every day instead of taking the car. It also becomes an investment of time and money, saying goodbye to long traffic lines and wasted time looking for parking.

Access to a wide range of services

How can we not also consider the wide range of services that the city offers us? It is certainly one of the fundamental aspects that those who choose to live in the city consider. Having all the shops and offices reachable in a few steps is a detail that does not leave indifferent, especially those who have little time available in their day.

The city also gives access to countless “entertainment”. Going to the cinema without having to take the car and look for parking, going out for dinner and walking home through the historic center are incomparable advantages that only a citizen can enjoy. Having analyzed some of the advantages, let’s now move on to the disadvantages that we have identified together with the people who have chosen to live in the city, also considering the historic center.