Must-Do’s In Kusadasi And Finding The Best Hotel Deals

If Turkey is on your next travel goals, do not forget to visit Kusadasi. This is a very lively resort and surely has something to offer to each of their visitors. If you like exploring, relaxing, or visiting the beach, this is one of the best places for you to visit while in Turkey. In fact, there are plenty of Kusadasi holidays all inclusive offers that you can choose from. A perfect place to add to your itinerary.

10 Places To Visit In Kusadasi 

If you love the beach, good food, amazing views, and friendly locals, Kusadasi is the place for you. A visit here would be a mix of fun and being one with nature while still being on a budget. If you’re ready, here are the top 10 places for you to visit in Kusadasi:

  • The Ancient City Of Ephesus. It will never be complete if you do not visit the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus as well as the peaceful Virgin Mary House.
  • Cruise Ship Sighting. If you want to relax and enjoy the view, sit at the port and watch while the cruise ships come and go.
  • Enjoy Turkish Cuisine. How can you go home without giving yourself the chance to try delicious Turkish cuisine? Visit one of the Turkish restaurants and enjoy a good meal.
  • A Day At The Beach. Turkey is known for its amazing beaches and one of them is at Kusadasi. You can choose from the Ladies Bech, Silver Sands Beach, Long Beach, or Love Beach. Choose one or visit them all. Each has different activities for you and your family.
  • Dejazar Wine Bar. This is a rooftop bar that you should never forget to visit. Chill out and have a glass of wine in their roof terrace while watching the beautiful sunset.

Kusadasi holidays

  • Jeep Safari And Explore. You and your family can spend the day together as you explore the mountains of the National Park or maybe the hills that are just behind Sirince. It will be a fun and dirty day and prepare for the water fights.
  • Slide Down At Adaland Or Aqua Fantasy. These two are the main waterparks in Kusadasi. Bring your kids and race down the slides. You can join in the rain ance or just relax as you float on a rubber ring around the Lazy River.
  • Visit Selcuk. This is a small town that is just 20 minutes away from Kusadasi. This is one of the most visited tourist destinations because it is close to Ephesus. In Selcuk, you can visit The Castle, also The Basilica of St Jon, as well as the Isa Bey mosque.
  • The Selcuk Market. If you want to know the fruits and vegetables available in Selcuk, visiting their market on a Saturday morning is the best time to visit. In fact, there are many stalls where you can also pick up a lot of bargains

Find the Best Hotel Deals In Kusadasi 

Before your trip to Kusadasi, it is important that you find a good place to stay first. There are hotels for you to choose from and many of them can give you a good place for a good price. Find out your options today and book for your next holiday!