Packing Tips for your Bali Trip

Bali is one of the most popular destinations. For all the praise it has garnered, there are many who have not been there that are already in love with it and have it in their bucket lists, as one of the destinations that they would like to visit.

And, it is not popular for nothing. It is a beautiful destination that you will definitely fall in love with. The people there are warm, welcoming and very helpful. It is rich in culture and has a beautiful environment that you will want to explore as soon as you land.

Here are few tips on your Bali trip experience and how to ensure that you pack appropriately for your trip.

Clothes fit for an adventure in the island

Once you get to your Bali resort, you will definitely indulge in the numerous adventures available. You can hike along the beautiful natural trails of the hills in the beautiful island.

To completely enjoy the adventures in the island you have to pack appropriately. First you need the right shoes. Ensure that you pack strong and comfortable shoes that you can walk in.

In addition to shoes, ensure that you pack light t-shirts which are quick drying. As you indulge in the outdoor activities, it is likely that you will sweat much. A quick drying t-shirt and pants will be the best clothing option to have.

Bali Trip

Also do not forget to pack ample sunscreen for your skin. Bali is sunny. For an adventure in the island, you will spend lots of time in the sun and it is important that you take care of your skin.

Clothes to enjoy the culture

Bali has a rich religious culture. As such, a visit to Bali is not complete without a visit to a few of the many historical and still valuable temples in the island. The temples are as beautiful as they are historic. For this, they attract numerous visitors.

When going into the temples, you need to be appropriately dressed. You just can go in, in shorts. At the gate, where you pay your entrance fee, you will be provided with a sarong with which to cover your whole body and clothes. This is to be returned, on leaving the temple.

If you do not like sharing clothes, you can always buy your own sarong in the Bali shops which will have a variety in stock.

Clothes for a night out

As much as the island’s people are conservative, you will find that there is a vibrant night life in Bali. You can visit the bars and nightclubs or even just have fun on the very busy streets of the towns within the island.

When going out, dress for the night. It is very hot and humid in Bali and therefore a light t-shirt coupled with a pair of shorts and comfortable shoes will do. For the ladies, depending on where you want to enjoy your nightlife in Bali, a fancy dress and shoes is a must pack.

Personal effects

When packing for your trip to Bali, ensure that you pack all your personal effects that you may require. If there is any medication that you must have, ensure that you pack it in your traveling bag. Further, medication for common problems that you might get in your travels such as painkillers or laxatives for your stomach, ensure that you pack your favorite brands.

Other personal effects that you should pack include hand sanitizers and tissues. You can also pack your gym clothes if you are an ardent exercise buff.


Bali is hot and humid all year round. They have a rainy season but it is still warm. Therefore, when you pack for your trip to Bali have this in consideration. Also, ensure that you carry all your favorite clothes for a trip that you will enjoy.

Most importantly, carry a large and easy to carry backpack or suitcase that will fit all of your stuff and everything you will need for the trip including your passport and phone.